A founding member of Fortis Group, LLC,  Brian has led a life dedicated to serving others. In 1989 he entered the public safety field, first serving in the capacities of a firefighter and paramedic. During this time, Brian honorably served six years in the U.S. Army National Guard. Presently, Brian is a full-time law enforcement officer with 23 years of experience.  He is employed by a large metropolitan police department adjacent to Detroit, Michigan. During his police career he has served in numerous specialized functions including patrol operations, administration, training, crime scene evidence processing, narcotics enforcement, crime prevention, community relations and 9-1-1 operations management. Brian is also trained in tactical operations and has a wide-range of experience conducting undercover operations, surveillance, search warrant execution and high-risk arrest situations.  As a trainer, he has dedicated himself for the past two decades promoting and advancing innovative, life-saving firearms and defensive tactics training methods throughout the State of Michigan. He has served on several subject matter expert panels for the Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards as well as for the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association. Combining extensive real-world experience with 20 years of instruction, he has delivered thousands of hours of use-of-force and crisis preparedness training to private citizens, security providers, corporate and public safety agencies. Brian possesses a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration from Concordia University, is a graduate of the FBI Leadership Development Course, Northwestern University School of Police Staff & Command and holds numerous FEMA Emergency Management certifications.


Leading Fortis Group, Brian has assembled an incredibly talented and distinguished group of trainers that are recognized experts in their respective fields. Through this team, Fortis Group furthers Brian's life-long dedication toward making the world a safer place.  

Founder & CEO