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Located in Howell, Michigan, Peacemakers is a full service indoor gun range that offers the following services: training, gunsmith services, a full retail area, rental guns, new and used firearms for sale, purchasing used firearms, ammo, AR-15 build kits and lowers, optics, targets, and special events. They are a family-oriented, customer service focused business with knowledgeable and friendly staff.  Stop by and visit, you won't be disappointed.  

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Templar Integrated Security Solutions is a single source provider for security integration and life safety solutions for organizations and facilities. They provide life saving equipment and hands on training to prepare staff both mentally and physically to respond to crisis situations. Their solutions save lives!


Live Safe is a family run school dedicated to enhancing personal safety. Pursuing a safer lifestyle requires the proper knowledge, skills and attitude regarding a continuum of topics from prevention to personal protection devices. Their diverse course curriculum allows them to help people design their own personal safety strategy.  Live Safe's founder, Ian Kinder is a well known subject matter expert who specializes in the training of first aid, assault and crime prevention, unarmed force methods and the use of personal protection devices.

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True Defense educates and empowers people as they tap into their abilities to protect and defend themselves. As an affiliate of Blauer Tactical, they provide the Personal Defense Readiness Program, which is not about learning specific techniques, but instead is about understanding human behavior. Their teachings are based in psychology, physiology, and physics, and empower students as human weapon systems.