Private Investigations

Licensed by the State of Michigan, Fortis Group provides high quality professional investigative solutions for attorneys, corporations, and individuals. Our experienced team, all fully insured and licensed, take time to truly understand each case, and work closely to tailor our services to your specific situation. We understand that these matters are private, sometimes sensitive in nature, and approach each case with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.  Our success is based on precision, reliability, and a primary emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Corporate Investigations
Covert Surveillance
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Protective Services
Civil Investigations
Background Investigations
Immediate Response Team
Special Services
Complex Investigations


Fortis Group understands the difficulties involved in litigation preparation. As current and former law enforcement officers, our team of investigators know the legal system and what it is truly needed to win cases. From locating witnesses, conducting interviews, and gathering evidence, our primary focus is to handle all the fieldwork so you can concentrate on strategy. Our team works hard to ensure that our attorneys have all the resources they need to win. 


Our talented analysts and investigators, possessing decades of experience, are ready to assist our corporate clients with employee hiring and internal investigations. From employment background checks to complex fraud investigations, our analysts and investigators stand ready to assist. We guarantee complete, accurate and discrete reports delivered with diligence and professionalism.


Fortis Group uniquely possesses high-caliber covert physical surveillance capability generally reserved for the government sector. Our surveillance team members have decades of undercover surveillance experience and can effectively document the proof you need utilizing unparalleled technological capabilities including covert video devices, advanced communications and aerial assets.   


Fortis Group utilizes highly trained and disciplined protective personnel to provide armed escort, location security, executive protection, and counter-surveillance operations. Our services provide cost-effective customized solutions placing the highest importance on safety, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Immediate Mobile Response Team

Fortis Group can immediately respond to threats in the workplace or events that require a rapid physical security response to potential threats to the safety and sanctity of the location. Upon arrival, our personnel stands alongside your management team to assess risk, investigate and surveil threats, coordinate with law enforcement authorities, close physical vulnerability gaps, provide armed protection and formulate intervention strategies necessary to prevent an escalation or act of violence.