Because of its unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction, Fortis Group enjoys long-term business partnerships with its clients.  We value our excellent reputation within the security industry. We provide results. Our highly credentialed consultants are available to provide detailed training program analysis and offer recommendations to reduce risk. Our specialized programs provide security leaders and management teams peace of mind.  Fortis Group’s cost-effective professional development training courses and workshops are proven to improve operational performance and enhance employee morale. 

  • No instructors to train, retrain, or certify.

  • Cutting edge training for your personnel.

  • Complete record keeping and retention by Fortis Group.

  • Expert testimony in the event of a civil action.

  • Mission specific training customized to your employees’ needs.

  • Unlimited support.

  • Recurrent training solutions.

We can provide value-added services such as policy recommendations, procedural best practices, subject matter expert testimony, training documentation, record retention, and general consultation. By partnering with Fortis Group our clients enjoy the following benefits:

Course & Workshops

Basic First Aid & CPR

Firearms Training & Qualification

Subject Control & Handcuffing 

Defensive Tactics

Active Shooter Preparedness

1st Care Trauma  Management

Aerosol Subject Restraint (OC)

Covert Surveillance

Taser Certification

Scenario-Based Training