Fortis Group’s diverse consultants help organizations achieve a higher level of workplace safety and improved security posture. We recognize that each client has requirements and expectations that are unique and special to their own needs. Our client's safety and security challenges are met by providing organized, stress-free solutions.  From assessment to full mitigation, Fortis Group is here to help.




Risk Assessment & Surveys


Fortis Group assists clients who seek to improve their workplace safety and security posture through an array of survey and assessment tools that help identify potential human, natural and technological risks.

Crisis Preparedness


Fortis Group consultants provide industry best practices and a wealth of practical experience to help its clients develop highly effective crisis management capability.  From auditing existing Emergency Action Plans to creating new, Fortis stands ready to assist its clients with improving their emergency preparedness.

Workplace Safety


From employee training to the development of policies and protocols, Fortis Group possesses an array of workplace violence solutions for our business clientele. Through its business partners, we can deliver safety solutions such as video recording systems, shatter-resistant window films, trauma/mass casualty kits and more.


Immediate Mobile Response Team


Through the capabilities of its investigative services, Fortis Group can immediately respond to workplace violence situations that arise. Such as events that require an immediate physical security response to termination and potential threats to the safety and sanctity of the workplace. Upon arrival, our personnel stand alongside your management team to assess risk, investigate and surveil threats, coordinate with law enforcement authorities, close physical vulnerability gaps, provide reassurance and formulate intervention strategies necessary to prevent an act or escalation of violence in the workplace.  

Corporate Workshops & Seminars

Through the capabilities of its training services, we provide employee resilience training to improve confidence and readiness during any crisis.  Our dynamic multi-media presentations contain customized content tailored to our client’s needs. Some of our topics include:​


1st Care Trauma Management

Active Shooter Preparedness

Assault Prevention

Drug Abuse Awareness

Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Security Awareness

Personal Defense Readiness

Deadly Drugs: Opioids