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Fortis Group offers complex curriculum services that include design, development, delivery and implementation of highly customizable training programs. By utilizing a multiple platform instructional approach, Fortis is capable of any training request. Fortis includes classroom, individual and team-based skill development, reality based force-on-force and dynamic simulation. Its mobile instructor teams are prepared to deliver training at local partner sites and offsite locations.


Possessing a widely diverse cadre, Fortis Group utilizes only the most experienced and proven trainers recognized subject matter experts.  With this established network, Fortis is able to provide the broadest spectrum of customizable training solutions for its clients. Fortis trainers push learning to the next level by utilizing the most cutting-edge and effective training methods. In each course offering, Fortis accomplishes its relentless pursuit of the highest standards.  Perpetually in a state of evolution, Fortis endeavors to develop new and innovative approaches to training.