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We offer low cost consulting and training solutions for police executives looking to stretch their training budgets.  Our highly experienced subject matter experts, many of whom are current or former command officers, can work independently or alongside your training staff to enhance your use-of-force training policies and programs. And why buy expensive training equipment when you can use ours? Perfect for tight training budgets, Fortis Group can save money by providing valuable training equipment such as simulated weapons and munitions, reality-based equipment, digital firearms simulators and role-players for your use when you need it.

When it comes to the provision of training in which police officers’ lives and professional reputations are at stake there can be no compromise. Fortis Group’s specialized training offerings relentlessly pursue the highest standards utilizing the most effective training methods available. The driving force behind a decade of success is an array of current and former law enforcement officers that are highly credentialed and experienced trainers who endeavor to develop practical solutions to meet the challenges faced by our law enforcement community. Fortis Group is a certified MCOLES training provider.

Host a Fortis Group course and your personnel can train for free  

Fortis Group offers hosting opportunities for many of its courses.  Host departments receive free tuition in return for the use of their facilities. Contact us for details.


Introduction to Covert Surveillance

This 2-day covert surveillance course is been designed to assist law enforcement personnel whose duties may require short-term covert observations of persons and locations.  This course is especially useful for detectives and investigative personnel not normally involved in team-based surveillance. Much of this training is scenario-based and includes real-world vehicle and foot surveillance techniques in solo and partnered applications.  

Covert Surveillance

This highly reviewed reality-based training offers one of the most comprehensive team-based surveillance courses of its kind. Innovative methods combined with advanced core curriculum makes this 5-day course greatly beneficial to both the new & experienced surveillance operator. A cadre of accomplished subject matter experts possessing thousands of hours of surveillance fieldwork has been assembled to share their proven techniques. Tuned to achieve high performance this course involves minimal classroom and extensive reality-based training. Exercises progress in complexity and difficulty to achieve the participant’s full exposure to the challenges of extended surveillance operations. Practical exercises include vehicle and foot surveillance, low-light operation, drone use, GPS unit placement and working with aviation units. 

Undercover Narcotics Operations

​This 3-day hands-on, mostly scenario-based narcotics training workshop is greatly beneficial to those assigned to narcotics enforcement and interdiction.  A cadre of accomplished subject matter experts possessing thousands of hours of narcotics enforcement expertise has been assembled to share their knowledge and proven techniques in a uniquely integrated training format. Topics include intelligence gathering; risk analysis; planning & contingencies, confidential source management, illicit drug recognition, measurements & packaging, conducting undercover and controlled buys.

Community Policing with Today's Technology

This 8-hour course explores factors to be considered when creating Community Policing programs tailored to the community you serve by utilizing best practices proven to thrive within communities.  As citizens mostly derive their information via the internet, this program includes how to promote your programs and maximize your positive interaction through various social media platforms. Social media on tactics that have been tried-and true. This training is the perfect starter kit to help your department grow and become one with your community. 



Raid Entry & High-Risk Arrest Tactics

This 5-day comprehensive course is designed for teams responsible for executing high-risk search warrants and arrests.  This course greatly improves individual and team operational effectiveness and safety in confined spaces. Classroom, demonstration, scenarios utilizing inert munitions and live-fire exercises are included in this intensive program. Topics include intelligence gathering; risk analysis; planning & contingencies, equipment considerations, forced entry, structure clearing, handgun/long gun reactionary shooting methods, team-based arrest, and vehicle takedown methods.

Advanced Handgun Instructor

Delivered by highly experienced subject matter experts this 3-day instructor certification course is ideal for new and experienced firearms instructors. Designed as a refresher, this training helps attendees evaluate existing training philosophies and methods then assists them with the delivery of relevant and realistic training for their agency. Train-the-trainer level topics include sharpening mindset, improving officer response time to deadly force assault, teaching concealed deployments, incorporating reactionary shooting methods, tactical movement, improving precision, contact shooting, innovative qualification standards, documentation, case law review and ethical use of force. 

Tactical First Aid

Fortis Group’s Tactical First Aid course enhances lifesaving buddy-aid/self-aid skills you need to effectively address critical care while staying in the fight. This 8-hour course utilizes Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines developed by the US military and effectively applies them in the law enforcement environment. Uniquely, Fortis Group utilizes live-fire drills and scenarios to simulate real-world situations. Topics include medical pre-planning, mental conditioning, and survival mindset, mechanisms of injury, ballistics and gunshot injuries, self-aid/buddy-aid care strategies, basic field trauma care, hasty evacuation methods, contact/cover tactics.  Tuition includes an individual miniTak trauma kit. 

Police Sniper Challenge

This 8-hour event challenges extreme long-distance sharpshooting abilities. Training evolutions provide an opportunity to practice possessed police sniper skill sets to ensure hits with precise accuracy at extreme distances under a variety of conditions and circumstances. Intelligence gathering, identifying/collecting of information and challenging target engagements at known and unknown distances out to 700 yards will be performed. A sniper team scenario-based mission challenge finalizes this course. Refreshments and food provided throughout the day.

Defensive Vehicle Dynamics

This 8-hour workshop is an advanced shooting course that focuses on close and intermediate-range deadly threat engagements in and around vehicles. Reality-based drills incorporate various tactical approaches and considerations when attacked by hyper-violent criminals.  Advanced handgun & rifle operation, multiple planes of engagement, use of cover, evasive movements and a ballistics demo are included in this course.

Advanced Patrol Rifle Operator

This course provides three days of highly specialized, intensive rifle training.  The most comprehensive course of its kind, the participant will achieve a mastery of the mechanics necessary to effectively deploy this weapon system confidently in the tactical environment.  All methods and techniques utilized in this course have been proven effective in real-world lethal engagements.  This course is designed to build upon skill and proficiency with the patrol rifle already possessed by the attendee. This is not an entry-level course; basic patrol rifle skills are mandatory.

Reactionary Shooting Methods

Action is faster than reaction. This 8-hour course is designed for the law enforcement officer who desires to improve confidence in their ability to deploy their handgun at extreme speeds of engagement to increase survivability.  The innovative methods utilized in this course are guaranteed to drive response time to a lethal threat down to sub-2 seconds while moving out of the kill zone.  

Close Quarter Ambush Survival

This 3-day skill immersion combines intense reactionary handgun skills with highly effective unarmed defensive methods. This course was specially designed to prepare law enforcement officers for violence committed against them by the hyper-violent perpetrator. Topics include: how & why officers get assaulted, pre-assault indicators & early threat recognition, response time improvement in the reactionary gap, evasive countermeasures, effective neutralization of non-lethal attacks, armed & unarmed neutralization of lethal attacks by firearm, edged and blunt object weapons, defending from take down attempts & basic ground defense, case law review, police ethics and the application of force.

Verbal De-escalation 

Mitigate force and learn how to better diffuse aggression. To understand how to verbally de-escalate a situation officers must first understand how humans communicate. This course will break down the communication cycle and explain how people receive and deliver messages. This course explains and demonstrates proven methods to increase the odds of a peaceful resolution. Upon completion, officers will be better communicators in every aspect of their job performance. 

Subject Control Train-The-Trainer

Incorporating MCOLES Advisory Standards, this 3-day course will enhance the law enforcement use-of-force instructor with the technical and instructional skills necessary to deliver advanced subject control curriculum.  This program encompasses various force options and force transitions relative to escalation and de-escalation. It is structured toward skill integration, providing the instructor with the capability of training officers to appropriately utilize the entire use of force spectrum in law enforcement situations. Topics include: use-of-force law & procedure, police ethics as it pertains to the application of force, pre-incident indicators of violent attacks & threat recognition, basic and advanced concepts of control, mechanics of arrest including handcuffing and person search, escorting, take-downs and follow-up to aggression, methods to effectively neutralize active aggression, armed & unarmed techniques to neutralize lethal attacks by firearm, edged and blunt object weapons, defending from takedown attempts & basic ground defense, firearm and Taser retention, post-use-of-force procedures and considerations.​​

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